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The way to BeginAndroid development market was relatively recent in June 2009, after i made a decision to try my practical it. To acquire myself familiarized with Android, I bought a book on Android development had all the information about Android.At that time, Google was wanting to promote Android by holding a competition for your developers.I was thinking that giving an admittance to this Android Developer's competition, I really could be capable of find out more concepts in Android. So, I started making an app called the Car-Locator and this app finished up winning the 3rd prize inside the Travel Category of the Android development Contest.Soon, increasing numbers of people started downloading this app including some press people.

 Slowly the automobile Locator app begun to earn good revenue as well as the sales begun to pick up.I quickly applied for another contest with the exact same Car Locator app and this time I did so just a little a lot better than the quicker one and got the very first prize and took home a neat $70,000 cash prize. As well as the booty, this app featured in leading IT magazines for example wired and Tech Crunch and also in a Verizon commercial.Encouraged through the response, I began developing 5 more apps on Android.

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 All of the apps are already doing pretty well and that i make around 70% of Google's revenue ($160,000 a year) by allowing the users to download these apps.Car Locator is surely an app that can help the vehicle owner to follow the automobile within the parking lot.Copy paste is another app which i acquired and also this app lets you to perform paste operations while using their cellphones.Screenshot app allows the user to take screen shots and set inside the mobile screen.Audio photos app permits the user to take pictures combined with audio. This is an interesting concept, allowing the consumer record some sound combined with the picture and tell others.Smarter alarm app wakes up the user through providing sports and weather related news instead of the traditional buzzing alarms.The storyline behind this successMost of these apps were designed to meet my own, personal requirements. I had difficulty in locating my car inside a car park. And so i chose to create an app in android, which already had the GPS and also the compass features built in into it.Similarly, I was finding it almost impossible to repeat paste using my Android phones, which gave rise to the copy paste app.Screen shot was another feature that has been unavailable in Android phone and i also wrote an app to bridge the space.One of the primary reasons or perhaps the popularity of the apps i received would be that the necessity of the people around me matches my necessity thus the apps become popular.Friendship circles also play a big part in releasing new ideas.With respect to the revenue share that I get from the app, I recieve 30% revenue each from the Car Locator and screen shot and 40% revenue in the remaining three apps.People attempting to enter the app business must be patient and await their app being popular. As more people begin using the app, the app slowly grows in popularity.

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